Jobs Where I Can Work From Home

Welcome to Jobs Where I Can Work From Home! Our goal is to help you work from the luxury of your own home using your cell phone or laptop. We want to improve the 98% failure rate!! Here are some great tips to get you started and work from home!

The key to online success is consistency, image, dedication, brand ability, support, and of course what to look for when joining a company. Did you know 98% of marketers fail online? As you begin to "work online" ask yourself a simple question. "How many jobs do you expect to have?"

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Do You Know What to Look For In AN Online Business Partner?


Jobs Where I Can Work From Home


3 Things You Need to Know

jobs where i can work from home
Jobs Where I Can Work From Home

This is the percentage of visitors who visit a company’s website and take a desired action. Average Global Conversion Rates are just 2.48%. Send 100 people to the company’s website and 2-3 take action. The higher the conversion rate, the more customers you have, thus the more income you can make. If 10 people enter you store and no-one buys anything, well you get the picture. You will want to work fro a company with the highest conversion rate possible. Once you bring customers to your site, conversion is necessary at some point. The lower the conversion, the harder you will need to work to make commissions off of them. Read More On Conversion Rates Here


jobs where i can work from home
Jobs Where I Can Work From Home


The retention rate of a business tells you a lot! The quality of their products, customer service, prices, just to name a few. The retention rate equals customer loyalty. Those who spend and spend again. After all, you work hard bringing a new customer to your business, you need them to stay. The higher the retention rate the more paying customers you have month after month. Your goal is to find a company with the highest customer retention rate possible! Think about this…If you built a business would you want to have to attract new customers weekly or would you want re-peat customers coming thru the door WHILE you continue to attract new ones? This is the key to business growth. Read more on Retention Rates Here

jobs where I Can work from home
Jobs Where I Can Work From Home


You must understand how you will be paid from the company you join. Some companies provide a one-time affiliate commission per sale, while others provide percentages of sales. The best companies to  look for provides multiple levels of earnings. This means you earn money from those you bring into the company plus earn money from people your customers bring and so on. The greatest the number of levels the better. In addition to earnings, some company’s offer bonuses! Understanding these bonuses is important!! You would not accept a job at a store without knowing the rate of pay, would you?

SUMMARY:  High Conversion Rate + High Retention Rate + High Commissions = Great Monthly Income For YOU

HOMEWORK TIME! Go explore the Web and find companies that pay you as affiliates or MLM (Multi-Level Marketing).

Go to Google and Search: MLM Companies ; Affiliate Marketing COmpany’s

See list of “50 Best Marketing Businesses for 2018”

Jobs Where I Can Work From Home

Create 3 columns: Conversion Rate, Retention Rate, and Commission Structure

Research any company you can find. The more research you do the better. It is important to understand ALL the variables out there before partnering

OH YEAH! One last factor I forgot to mention….

How Much Does the Company Charge You to Be an Affiliate or MLM Partner?

Research: The cost to join, the minimal requirements, do you receive anything from joining, & is there an actual product (we will get to this later!). I have paid anywhere from $1 to $299 to become an affiliate or MLM marketing member. The average fee then requires “upgrades” for more access to the company. Research this carefully!

Spend a few hours or a day, HOWEVER make sure you bookmark us and check back in later.

Many businesses out there may not disclose all the information you need to know. This is a red flag you should avoid. As you look over businesses think “Is this a business I can believe in?” After all you will need to live and breathe their products and even use them.

Here at Jobs I Want To Work From Home, we want you to be successful!


What Did You Find?

What Did You Find?

You were tasks to do some research and answer a few CRITICAL KEY questions about potential online business partners

Get your notes ready and answer these questions:

  1. Did you find a Company with a conversion rate over 60% (Many Company’s Will Not Disclose this or may focus on a particular capture page).
  2. Did you find a Retention Rate OVER 75%?
  3. How many levels of commission do they offer? 1 for affiliates, 3 levels deep, maybe even 5? How many people need to join before you see your first cash bonus? Car Bonus?

I would like to share with you my research. Of course, it is not from a few hours or days, rather over 10 years. Most of it, SADLY to say is from trial and ERROR (More error than I would hope!)

First, we need to establish the difference from an Affiliate Company and a Marketing Company. Affiliates are paid a percentage of each sale. The sale may be 1 time or a repetitive sale, such as a monthly cost as a member. Affiliate marketers require a couple things to make money.

  1. Web Traffic to The Offers they Are Promoting
  2. Product Pages that Convert

Affiliate marketers are considered “low touch” business owners. They simply drive people to a product and move on. The company converts them into sales and you earn the commission.

NEXT, we have MLM or Multiple Level Marketing. To make a good living here you need a couple things.

  1. High Quality Marketers to Join You
  2. High Touch – show them around, explain comp plan, tour site, answer questions for new members and their members
  3. Brand Yourself (Why on earth someone would want to join YOU)
  4. Web Traffic Know How
  5. High Levels of Engagement from your Members

As you can see, the MLM marketer has Many Jobs to do to be successful. When these jobs are done right the payment can be amazing. If an MLM marketer brings 10 great people on-board and they do the same, well there are 100 people providing you with residual commissions.

BACK to what I have learned over 10 years!

  • Never Fall for The Hype and Pizazz as I like to call it. “JOIN US NOW AND MAKE $9,324.56 a Month!” – DO you know where that number came from? Neither does the person who created the ad.
  • Understand that marketing is a LOT of work and requires you to perform MANY jobs. I would have to know and understand web traffic, email lists and marketing, how to talk to leads, how to keep my leads organized (cold, warm, hot), how to keep people engaged in the system (after all if they leave, there goes part of my monthly income), and so on. I LIKE MANY OF YOU MADE THE SAME MISTAKE OVER AND OVER….


People fail online because they do not understand they have to function at so many “jobs” in order to make a solid income. Unfortunately the average person  has very little time due to a formal career or current job, and they LACK consistency. When a person Does not Know how to Market they are high risk to leave and well, HOP from business, online offer, and system to the next (Just as I did for 10 years!)

Anyone can make money online if they have the skills to perform the needed jobs. Before you go joining a site just to join another one in 2 months, relax and keep learning! Education is power!

OH YEAH…Back to what I learned from many online businesses….

The first thing is, before I joined I had a ton of “support.” After I joined, “crickets”

Many companies offer a commission plan for 3-4 levels and require you to have 100 affiliates or customers under you before you see any real bonuses or to even achieve livable wages.

Many companies are true “pyramid” schemes. In my opinion I buy a system that is not a product, just a link for the system I sell to other people. Those were always my favorites – NOT! Beware…Make sure the company has an actual product! I can’t stress this enough. You wouldn’t walk into Wal-Mart and pay money if the store was empty!

Many MLM companies pay commissions of 25-50% at the first level and then 10-30% and the second level and 10% at the third level. Affiliate companies pay lower, I do have one that pays 50% commissions (again this is just a 1 time per customer payment).

Fees to join? I have spent well over $299 on an online business that I had to build, drive traffic, and well lost my shirt from. I have spent $5 to $29.99 more times that I can remember. I would receive the link to do the same thing, again spending money on nothing and making nothing in return.

Watch out for this! Companies love to ROLL OUT or LAUNCH new products. WHY? Because the 98% of people who fail will buy it thinking this is their chance at making money. Guess who just got rich?

Many companies out there have a less than 4% conversion rate and 20-30% retention rate. The companies need new people continuously coming into their doors to survive. OH, they also compete with their members. How many online businesses have you joined that DON’T Advertise themselves? Think about it…You are competing with the actual company. NEVER GOOD!

SORRY to be so Negative….

I am simply setting the stage for WHAT not To LOOK for in an Inline business BECAUSE….

What to Look for in an Online business is coming soon!


Before I go…I want to share some numbers for the business I call my “Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs.”


#1 – Conversion Rate – OVER 65%

#2 – Retention Rate – 96.4%

#3 – Commission Payout – 7 LEVELS DEEP, Car Bonus after 40 Customers


ARE you excited yet? I haven’t even grazed the surface yet…

Because we are more than the business – This is just the vendor we use to get paid. How we build our customers and make them all successful will Blow your mind! Stick with me….

This is Going TO Be Worth it.




Introducing Affiliate Works

A Hybrid Approach to Online Marketing

Now you have an IDEA of our Vendor and how amazing they are based on HIGH Retention Rate, High Conversion Rate, and Amazing 7 layers of earnings and bonuses. This is JUST one side of the equation. (View our Commission Structure)


Welcome to Affiliate Works! We are the reason WHY people will be successful online, DEFEATING the 98% failure rate. WHAT DOES AFFILIATE WORKS DO FOR YOU?

Have you ever had to function at all the various online “jobs” mentioned above when working in MLM? What if you are good at traffic and getting leads, however can’t convert them?

We at Affiliate Works do 90% of the work in MLM, giving you back your life and freedom, WHILE owning and operating a Home Based MLM Business. You will have one job when you join our amazing vendor thru an affiliate works member. That JOB is to bring your people to a LIVE meeting with a MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Earner from the Vendor. This meeting is so powerful your people will BEG to jump on-board!

GUESS WHAT? That is not all….

AN Affiliate Works Vendor Specialist will call your prospects after they BEG you…

The Vendor specialist will sign them up to the business under your name

They will give your new member a tour of the store and help them/guide them with their shopping experience

You PROVIDE the low touch by bringing traffic to the Live meeting…

They Provide ALL the HIGH touch required to engage people into the business and convert them to active members.

YOU GET 100% of The COMMISSION – We call it the 10%-90%-100%

You DO 10% of the work, Affiliate Works Does 90% and you Get 100%


You are enrolled free into the Affiliate Works Academy! After you are a full member with the Vendor We give you access. This academy Retails at $295/Month!

SPECIAL FEATURE: Meet Our Vendor Now!


To Attend a LIVE Meeting Please Connect with Me on Face Book – John Green

We like to have live conversations! That’s what makes us different here at Affiliate Works